Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques

bass fishing
bass fishing


In his professional life, Robert Sullivan stands out as an award-winning high school band director and leader of state championship ensembles. When not serving as a band director, Robert Sullivan pursues bass fishing as a way to relax.

For both beginning and experienced anglers, bass stand out as a satisfying and accessible fish to catch. This popular North American species is abundant in many bodies of water across the country, yet consistent success still depends on strong technique.

A good angler understands species-specific behavior, which includes the tendency to become more active when a storm is approaching. Experienced anglers know that they can catch more fish at this time, as well as in springtime when bass spawn in shallow beds. Similarly, because bass prefer different types of food at different times of the year, anglers know to match their bait to the fish’s meal of choice.

Experienced bass anglers are also able to adjust their technique based on the type of cover. If the fish are active and hungry, the angler can use bait skipping and other top water strategies to catch their interest. Fish that are hiding in thick cover, however, require such subtle luring methods as flipping and pitching, which tempt shy fish by placing the bait within their fields of awareness.